Kate Beckett, “After the Storm”


When bride-to-be Kate Beckett revisits her past as a model on the Jan. 27 episode of ABC’s Castle, she crosses paths with Modern Fashion magazine editor Matilda King and tries on a couture wedding gown plucked from a runway show. The dress, the work of Castle costume designer Luke Reichle, was constructed from reembroidered French silver bullion lace with a skirt of silk taffeta and organza. (Want to copy Kate’s look? Expect to spend north of $30,000, says Reichle.) (x

My one wish for this scene is that she is wearing her ring and I think she is. She is holding her hands like she is fiddling with her ring. Yay Kate in a wedding dress and wearing her ring.

"I know where babies come from, Castle - just not this one."

So, you’re the new partner.

Kate, you’re one of the best agents I’ve ever worked with.

She’s coming. Nod once if it’s about the Russians, twice if it’s about something else.